The most credible 3rd-party data safeguards renewable energy assets.

SOLARMAN is a digital platform, specially designed for your energy assets acquisition and management. By offering credible  3rd-party data, it safeguards your investment through independent evaluation database, real-time status monitoring, big data analysis and customized risk alerts, etc.


Digital IoTs

Self-developed hardware and software, offering one-stop solution for different scenarios

Assets Integration

Extensively suitable for various energy assets, such as wind, solar, hydro, gas, storage and charging pile, etc


Secured and stable data for private use only

Open platform

Interconnect with other IT software seamlessly, building an integral information system

Independent entity

Ensure data credibility

SOLARMAN provides different functional modules to different roles of investors. It facilitates asset management with sophisticated tools to solve common pain points and increase operational efficiency.


Decision-making Assistance (Opportunity Management \ Risk Assessment \ Yield Evaluation \ Face-to-face Contract Signature)


Risk Management
(Project Management \ Operating Data Access \ Plant Asset O&M \ Operational Data Analysis \ Risk Alerts \ Asset Inspection)

Case of Inverstors

Location: Singapore
Installed Capacity: 5MW

SATS headquarters located at Singapore Changi Airport (SCA) has a high demand of electricity for its business operation. Looking for solutions to cut down on energy bill, solar lease was recommended to SATS, with which solar PV system would be installed with no upfront cost. This makes solar energy an attractive choice as it will have an immediate impact on their electric bill. At the same time, it is an environmentally friendly energy source which requires little or no maintenance at all.
SOLARMAN provides an asset management platform.

Case for Inverstor